About me

Hey y’all! I’m Brittany Pennel and this is my blog.

I have an incredible husband, Derek. I’m a mama to 5 kiddos. Ages 13, 12, 10, 10 & 5. We are a blended family, doing life together on our little 20 acre farm in NE Kansas. @TimbrrCreekFarm on Insta!

I love reading and writing. As a family we pretty much spend all our time outdoors as the weather allows.

I like coffee but recently have switched to Matcha mostly.  I have a children’s book coming out soon. Cannot wait for that to reach your sweet kiddos imaginations!

I’m passionate about Jesus, people, writing and homesteading in any form. I LOVE to encourage other women.

Those of you who have known me and my ministry for awhile know that my previous blog was focused on thriving through anxiety. While that’s still a big part of my heart and will continue to encourage women through such a hard time– I’ve felt God lead me into a whole new area of life since fall of 2019. I have a love and desire for learning and sharing all I can about how our family lives intentionally, resourcefully and with less waste in finances, faith and food.

This blog will be a great fit for you if you say yes to any of the things below:

– desire to have help being wise with finances

– desire to learn more about living off the land and providing for your family through sustainable growing of plants (even doing containers on your porch if you don’t have land!)

– need encouragement in any area of your faith, finances or food

– are ready to kick the voice of failure out of your mind

– a desire to live well

– a desire to know Jesus more

– if you value time, people + kindness

– a desire to become debt free

– if you enjoy simple, fresh recipes from food you grow yourself (yay YOU!) and/or simple staples from your pantry.


I do have a long term goal of this baby blog of mine to become profitable so I can be home full time but also you’ll never see me sacrifice content, truth or my heart for you to make money. Money is a bonus, it should never be about that. I want to be able to provide some FREE resources SOON, to educate, share my passion and encourage you!